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Environment Projects: a breakthrough in unilateral sanctions imposed on the Sudan

Sudan has managed to break the unilaterally coercive sanction imposed by the West, when it managed to attract millions of dollars to implement environment projects.

The unilaterally led US economic siege imposed on Sudan has serious impact touching different sides of life of the ordinary Sudanese people. The sanctions have, furthermore, threatened both human and environmental fields in the country, dragging people into the vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment.

The infamous measure was declared by the USA administration in 1996 and in 11 September 2001American administration placed the Sudan on the list of countries banned from economic dealings with the States.

Since then Sudan suffered from US economic boycott USA, which meant that a number of western and Middle Eastern countries follow suit and consequently, Sudan lost billions of dollars in a direct or indirect way.

Sudanese government exerted huge efforts to break this boycott via attracting the foreign funds and persuading donors to provide required assistance to many projects, which Sudan need in field of environment.

The Sudan has always been explaining the situation that resulted from sanctions and the impact on the people and on the environment.

These efforts led to partial lifting (55%) of the siege, particularly on environment related projects.

Ministry of Urban Development ,Natural Resources and Development managed to convince donors allocate not less than 100 million dollar to projects including water harvest, farming, afforestation, sanitation, pastoral developing , combating desertification and land deterioration , handling medical, liquid and solid waste in addition to other projects.

Minster of environment Hassan Helal said pilot project will begin in Nubian Basin, costing one million dollar via support from the United Nation Development Fund and in amount of 10 million dollar to projects of the complementary natural sources in Sudan.

In addition to a group of projects in field of utilizing renewable energies including solar, winds energy, afforestation, green belts around big cities in Sudan using the grant of some 40 million dollar from French Government in coordination with African Development Bank and government of Sudan. Besides allocating an amount of 9 million dollar to project of pastures development and national plan for biodiversity which is estimated to cost over 67 million dollars

In a meeting with American charge d'affaires in Sudan Jerry Lanier recently, USA expressed interest in cooperating with Sudan in the field of environment and that efforts are exerted to partially exclude the domain of health, education, agriculture and modern technology.



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