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Minster of tourism : Tourism is the Making of of beauty …. And we should do it better

Minister of Tourism , Archaeology , and wild life Mohamad Abozied Mustafa described tourism " the Making of beauty, through which all society sectors could get more and more benefit.


Sudan Ratifies Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Sudanese government has ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The is an important milestone for Sudan and a clear commitment from the government to contribute to global efforts to tackle climate change.


Angelia Jolie to shoot film highlighting Sudan’s rich heritage

The Hollywood star is expected in Sudan by the end of the month for the filming of ‘History has Started from Here’, depicting the beginning of human civilisation in Sudan.

The ancient history of Sudan and its Kushite civilisation, which spawned a myriad of pyramids are reported to be subjects of a new film starring US actress Angelina Jolie.


دراسة حول العوامل الجغرافية الطبيعية ودورها في تنمية السياحة المستدامة بالسودان

أعد الدكتور عثمان عبدالله محمد الزبير من قسم الجغرافيا في جامعة الزعيم الازهري دراسة حول العوامل الجغرافية الطبيعية ودورها في تنمية السياحة المستدامة في السودان تناول فيها أهم المقومات الطبيعية والملامح البيئية المحيطة والانشطة البشرية التي تحدد أنماط السياحة


From Inside the Dindir Natural Game Reserve



It was my first experience with photographing scenes from Sudan’s wildlife. The challenge ahead was very enormous indeed. But the fact that I would be in the good company of some members of the group of young journalists (commonly known with the acronym “JASH”), together with some lovers of wildlife, gave me enough courage to take the risk. 


Gebel Barkal ....an amazing and distinguished archaeological site

Gebel Barkal or Hieroglyphics language ( Dajo-Waab) means" the immaculate mountain" is very small mountain , Height 98 .M and located on 400 Km, from north of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, in Northern State near to Krema city at big Nile Uterine. The mountain surrounded by a Flat top. 

Gebel Barkal is one of pivotal historical sites in which had been long periods of Nile Valley civilizations, while Greeks wrote that in this mountain gathered Goddess of the Nile valley. Some European archaeologist scientists discovered 3 palaces and about 13 temples around the mountain , in addition an Egyptian Officer discovered in 1862 inscriptions return to the Third Transition period and delivered them to Cairo museum. Then missions came in sequences such as common mission between Harvard University and Arts Museum in Bostin headed by the famous Scientist Jorge Rezner ,University of Roma mission which worked in the mountain in 1970's period in last century under supervision of the expert scientist Donadony and in 1980's jointed to mission another team from University of Boston headed by the Scientist Kendal. 


Tourism Categorized under Economic Sector after Decades of Minor Role

Nearly 1000 Travel and Tourism Agencies (TAA) are conducting businesses in Khartoum (the national capital). However only handful of them operates in real tourism activities. The bulk of them conducts activities in ticketing, visa services and regrouping of pilgrims to the holy land.


Chief of Travel & Tourism Agencies Association Ms. Muna Mohamed Abd Allah – highlights that a number of constraints hampered agencies from conducting proper tourism businesses.  She summarizes these constraints in the fact that public and economic planners are lacking concept on tourism as real industry. Despite her criticism Abd Allah acknowledges there are good signs of government response to reconsider introduction of procedures that cope with the requirements of international tourism industry. On this regard she cited ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of interior. In addition she also appreciates presidential adviser Awad Al Jaz’s efforts resulting in facilitation of contacts with Russian and Chinese tourist companies. A Chinese media team composed of seven members and a group of Russian tourism companies arrived last January in Khartoum whilst Bulgarian T.V team arrived on 20th of February, she said.  Those teams arrived to get acquainted with Sudan’s tourist attraction sites.


أول مشروع سوداني مرشح للدخول فى سوق الكربون العالمي

إشراقة عباس

الخرطوم -17-5-2016-(سونا) - مشروع تثبيت الكربون بالسودان، هو أول مشروع فى مجال تغير المناخ لتخفيف الإنبعاثات ينفذ فى قطاع الغابات بالسودان مستهدفا التسويق لفكرة سوق الكربون العالمي، بتمويل من مرفق البيئة العالمي والصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية (إيفاد) ضمن آلية تخفيف إنبعاثات ثاني أكسد الكربون. ويتوقع أن تستفيد منه حوالي 10 ألف أسرة بمنطقة البطانة.
تقول المديرة القومية لمشروع الكربون السوداني سمية عابدون،المشروع ممول بمنحة من مرفق البيئة العالمي بقيمة 3.650 مليون دولار أمريكي، كما هوبرنامج تكاملى مع مشروع البطانة للتنمية الريفية المتكاملة بولايتي القضارف والجزيرة. الممول بقرض من الإيفاد لمشروع الكربون ومبلغ أكثر من عشرة مليون دولار


International Strategy of carbon trade to combat phenomena of Global Warming

Sudan plans to execute Strategy of carbon trade to eliminate phenomena of Global warming which face earth via increasing plant cover and utilize from international funding in environment projects in order to contribute saving the natural balance of earth.

It is an international strategy to counter global warming to save earth plants and restore natural balance, besides it considered kind of combating phenomenon of Climate change and an encouragement for non- industrial states to increase its green area through funds Provided by big Industrial countries, which caused this phenomenon.


Environment Projects: a breakthrough in unilateral sanctions imposed on the Sudan

Sudan has managed to break the unilaterally coercive sanction imposed by the West, when it managed to attract millions of dollars to implement environment projects.

The unilaterally led US economic siege imposed on Sudan has serious impact touching different sides of life of the ordinary Sudanese people. The sanctions have, furthermore, threatened both human and environmental fields in the country, dragging people into the vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment.


First Environment Conference in Khartoum…….. Complicated problems and solutions, but Not difficult.

Environment problems of Khartoum and Climates Changes, issue of desertification and Shelterbelts around the state and its environmental and urban affects, are issues Expected for Discussing in the first environment conference will convene in Khartoum within two coming weeks.

The Conference organizes by Higher Council of Environment Urban and Rural Promotion in Khartoum state in 12-15 current March to discussed environmental problems Faced the state , Most important is trees planting and how to utilize it in addressing Degradation of environment in Khartoum.


Dinder Shall not Die

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—Professor Bernhard Grzimek produced in 1959 his famous documentary film titled (Serengeti shall not die) which won him the Oscar Award. But first of all he succeeded in presenting a global definition of a reserve park and its fabulous resources. Since then he has made people protect it and has succeeded in attracting millions of tourists to the park, making tourism as a basic factor for its protection and development. The question is: Can tourism succeed in revival of the Sudan’s Dinder National Park which was not inferior to Serengeti in the past?



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