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The Global Relations Center (GRC) was established in 2008 as a non-governmental, research, and non-profit institution.  GRC conducts research and studies related to international relations, future and geo-strategic studies. It provides initiatives and creates networks contributing to formulation of policies and strategies to promote Sudan's external relations and to maintain its national security. GRC is devoted to policy solutions through high-quality and independent research


Realizing leadership and excellence in research, specialized studies, initiatives and projects related to Sudan's external relations.


The Center seeks to form an intellectual framework and a credible institution for decision-makers, academicians and researchers interested in international relations, future and strategic studies.

The values that govern the work of the center

• Leadership
• Ambition
• Integration
• Transparency
• Cooperation
• Creativity
• Excellence


1. To conduct research, scientific studies and to organize workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of international relations and geo-strategic issues.
2. To provide supporting initiatives and projects, for enhancing Sudan foreign relations and maintaining its national security.
3. To define Sudans` economic capabilities, and its touristic, cultural and heritages.
4. To adopt ongoing review and evaluation of Sudan bilateral and collective relations with all countries and peoples worldwide.
5. To exchange experiences and ideas between international scientists and local specialists.
6. To build a network between the center and other regional &international research centers.
7. To develop cooperation and friendship frameworks between Sudanese people and peoples all over the world.
8. To provide social services and organize training courses to raise the capacity of national researchers.
9. To provide innovative, practical recommendations for policymakers and the public. 

What We Do

The Global Relations Centre (GRC) conducts research and studies on Sudanese politics, regional stability, and international issues. In doing so, we aim to provide strategic ideas and solutions and views for the concerned.

How We Do It?

In cooperation with an elite group of academics experts and specialists in related fields, the GRC prepares and holds forums in different areas of interest. Indeed, the GRC is already coordinating with various regional and international counterparts and think tanks to exchange information and views on international peace and security issues.


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Address: St. #3, Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan


Telephone: +249-183-269739

Fax: +249-183-269728